Just in case you somehow missed this internet sensation and you will soon head out to purchase a lush and fresh, Christmas tree to fill your home with a piney smell — may I suggest you watch this poignant (and hilarious) short (horror) film first? Then take advantage of Black Friday sales to get yourself an artificial one and some scented candles instead!

If you’re not buying a tree, you’ll appreciate this even more as it will, in addition to making you laugh heartily, allow you to feel smugly above the unenlightened tree-buying mob.

Horror fans I think you will appreciate, well, everything, but especially the retro-perfection score.

Note: It’s most definitely R-rated, and I’m quite sure plenty of trees were harmed to enable the making of this film.

From director Jason Eisner, “Treevenge” (2008)

Treevenge from jasoneisener on Vimeo.

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