Robert Mitchum’s 99th Birthday!

Calypso is like so...

Every year I teach Film History 101 to incoming freshmen, and every year I make sure they leave knowing who Robert Mitchum is. “Guys, you really do NOT know cool unless you know Bob Mitchum. He invented it.” If that is the only thing they remember from my class, I feel I’ve served them well.

Every few years I also post, somewhere, Bruno Collet’s charming animated tribute to him (2003):

Mitchum is so fun to watch he makes even a dud movie, like Holiday Affair (1949) worthwhile. Then there are the greats: Out of the Past, Cape Fear, Night of the Hunter — and let’s not forget this…

So happy birthday, Mr. Mitchum, sir. I hope you’re drinking something long and cool in good company, eternally.

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