Who is Dawn Fratini?

Hello, I’m Dawn Fratini.  Welcome to the blog where I stash what I hope are a few fun memories, anecdotes, musings and other tidbits from my adventures in academia, cinema, and cinema academia.

I am, at the moment, an Adjunct Professor, in the Film Studies Program at Chapman University and a doctoral candidate in Cinema & Media Studies, at UCLA.

I have been writing my dissertation forever. It is on the Motion Picture Research Council. Never heard of them? Good. That’s gives me a reason to live and continue.

I am a cinema and media historian in general, with a focus on Hollywood history. My specific research interests are in cinematic technicians (engineers, electricians, cinematographers, physicists, chemists, etc.) and technology up to and including digital technology.

I am also a California native, born in San Francisco, but stuck in L.A., for this or that reason, interminably it seems. My grandfather was the unofficial town historian of his California small town. He used to keep a garage-archive of farming and train artifacts, memorabilia, and just about anything else old. He would hold court in there for hours telling all manner of tales to anyone who’d listen. I got that gene. I can’t imagine living outside California, and my passion for Hollywood history is a manifestation of my deep love for California history in general.

I am a returning student (aka old), with several past lives during which I was a digital media designer, an aspiring screenwriter (oh the folly), an English major, a bass player, a Eureka resident, and a high school drop-out. You can learn a lot from my mistakes, ergo, this blog. But of course you won’t learn from me; you’ll think it will be different for you. Go ahead, major in Screenwriting.

I have been web designer for fabulous, best-selling author Charlaine Harris for over a decade now, since before True Blood.

When I look back on my life, which seems to get exponentially longer with each passing day, I see a lot of hard work, struggle, and bad hair days, with precious little success. That is why I say, “Don’t make the mistakes I made.” On the other hand, I have had my share of adventures and smiles and maybe that is what is blog is really for. It gives me a place to stash the highlights, the giggles — my history…

…or maybe it is just a cautionary tale. You decide.


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