About Me

Hello, I’m Dawn Fratini.  Welcome to the blog where I – from time to time, not as often as I’d like – stash what I hope are a few fun memories, anecdotes, musings and other tidbits from my adventures in academia, cinema, and cinema-academia.

I am, at the moment, an Adjunct Professor, in the Film Studies Program at Chapman University and a doctoral candidate in Cinema & Media Studies, at UCLA.

I have been writing my dissertation forever. It is on the Motion Picture Research Council. Never heard of them? Good. That’s gives me a reason to live and continue.

I am a cinema and media historian in general, with a focus on Hollywood history. My specific research interests are in cinematic technicians (engineers, electricians, cinematographers, physicists, chemists, VFX artists, etc.).

I am also a California native, born in San Francisco, but stuck in L.A., for this or that reason, interminably it seems. My grandfather was the unofficial town historian of his California small town. His garage was full of artifacts, and his office files were stuffed with memorabilia. I got that gene.

I am a returning student (aka old), with several past lives during which I was a digital media designer, an aspiring screenwriter (with an MFA – oh the folly), an English major, a bass player, a Eureka resident, and a high school drop-out.

A screenwriting professor once commented, when I told him I was concurrently learning Photoshop and webdesign, sadly shook his head at me and said, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I think he literally cursed me, right then and there. That same professor also said, “The best reason for writing… revenge.” Hmmm.

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